We offer:


1. Constructive Journalism: Foundations
The history behind the domain, roots in earlier journalistic movements, what's the definition?Overview of methods and tools, what research underpin the framework?
Including course material and case studies.

2. Depolarizing Methods
How do we get away from polarizing coverage and cover the middle ground, getting "The Real Story?" - what is the real concern of citizens?
Including course material and case studies.

3. Interviewing
Based on John Sawatsky's interview methods we will explore how the interview can include constructive questioning - keeping power accountable through compromise and collaboration instead of conflict. Future oriented questions. Ask new questions to "victims" and "powerholders".
Including course material and case studies.

4. Engaging the World: Co-creation, Engaging your audiences.
How do modern newsrooms engage and co-create with their audiences. You will get inspired by cases from renowned and progressive newsrooms. How are they succeeding in co-creating journalistic content with audiences? How are they engaging with the public - also outside of the newsrooms?
Including course material and case studies.

The length of our CoJo Workshops can be tailored to your needs.

The price of our workshops rely on prep. time, customization needs and length.
Min. length 4hrs. Max. length 5 days

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