Gyldensted presenting research results at The University of Pennsylvania, USA

Gyldensted presenting research results at The University of Pennsylvania, USA

What distinguishes Cathrine Gyldensted´s work in constructive journalism, is that she has drawn both on her substantial experience as a working reporter, investigative journalist and correspondent. While combining the journalism skillset with knowledge about research and academic work, she picked up by studying at the US Ivy League School, University of Pennsylvania in 2010 - 2011. Her thesis from the UPenn Masters Degree has become the foundational paper of constructive journalistic research. It´s the first time positive psychology is intersecting with news journalism- and offers concrete metods how news journalism could be innovated in more constructive forms.

Gyldensted´s 2011 thesis “Innovating News Journalism through Positive Psychology” is free for download at University of Pennsylvania´s Repository.

Cathrine Gyldensted has since published additional research papers on Constructive Journalism:

  1. Constructive Journalism: An Introduction and Practical Guide for Applying Positive Psychology Techniques to News Production. (K McIntyre, C Gyldensted - The Journal of Media Innovations, 2017)

  2. Positive psychology as a theoretical foundation for constructive journalism. (K McIntyre, C Gyldensted - Journalism Practice, 2018)

  3. Elements of constructive journalism: Characteristics, practical application and audience valuation (L. Hermans, C Gyldensted - Journalism, 2018)

What is the status of CoJo research?

Research on Constructive Journalism has gained speed recent years. Mostly due to the fact that two individual research journals, “Journalism” and “Journalism Practice” published special editions on Constructive Journalism in 2018. Beforehand, both journals had a call for papers across the research community. This spurred both conferences and initiated research studies. At Constructive Journalism Network, we keep a keen eye on research developments and publish any significant findings in our monthly newsletter. It´s also on Constructive Journalism Networks website, you can find the most encompassing list of Constructive Journalism Research.