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  • Journalists believe that they mirror the world. However, this book argues that journalism move the world. But, in which direction? 

    This book introduces the innovation of journalism through behavioral sciences like positive psychology, moral psychology and prospective psychology. 

    You'll discover: 

  • How to create engaging journalistic coverage, when you stop seeing the world through a victimizing lens. 

  • How to win the World Press Photo Photo by taking photographs that portrays hope and meaning amidst war and chaos.

  • How to create loyal media customers by engaging and interacting with them. 

  • How to boost interest and engagement by understanding the deep seated psychology underpinning every journalistic story. 

    In the book you will learn from the Dutch media sensation 'De Correspondent', and the first journalism school implementing these formats, South Africa's Times Media Group, Huffington Post, The Guardian, Upworthy, New York Times contributors, a World Press Photo winner and Scandinavian Broadcasters. 

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“Great insights to constructive journalism

and the ways to implement it in the newsroom.”

— SR/Swedens National Radio


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